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Fluid End Parts
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    Product Name:Mud Pump Stuffing Box Assy

    Product Instruction:The stuffing box is fixed on the rack with the intermediate draw bar making reciprocated linear motion in its inner bore.+MORE

    Product Name:Wear Plate

    Product Instruction:Wear plate is mud pump fluid end system in the main accessories. It use 35CrMo .forged by the processing. Our company produces high precision wear plate, nickel-plated, with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance also.+MORE

    Product Name:piston rubber&valve rubber

    Product Instruction:The piston rubber and valve rubber are the mainly spare part of mud pump fluid end system,in the meantime,it is one of the use of the largest wearing parts.+MORE

    Product Name:PU Piston Seals

    Product Instruction:Piston U-Cups are single acting polyurethane (PU) piston seals available in a wide range of sizes. Cups are assembled into closed grooves and mainly used in light duty cylinder applications for oilfield equipment.+MORE

    Product Name:PTFE Piston Cup

    Product Instruction:This PTFE piston rings are widely utilized into oil-free air compressors. Most of rings are made of self-lubricating materials such as virgin PTFE and filled PTFE compounds like carbon filled PTFE and graphite filled PTFE,etc. All above grades are available as well as custom made as customer’s requests are available. +MORE

    Product Name:JA-3 Shear Safety Valve

    Product Instruction:Shear pin safety valve is used at the discharge part of the mud pump.JA-3 shear pin safety valve changes the discharging pressure by changing the position of the shear pin ,which is operation easy and work reliable.+MORE

    Product Name:Valve Guide

    Product Instruction:Vavle guide is used to control the valve rod working in a correct way in the valve box+MORE

    Product Name:module and module assy

    Product Instruction:Fluid End Module , also known as valve box, is an important fluid end parts. Blank forged by hightrength alloy steel. After heat treated, with multichannel processes. The three cylinders of each pump is interchangeable.+MORE

    Product Name:Spray Pump

    Product Instruction:Drilling mud spray pump used in solid control system for oil and gas fields+MORE

    Product Name:piston assy and piston rod

    Product Instruction: MP urethane pistons are constructed of urethane, bonded to a steel hub. The double durometer urethane is designed to provide optimal performance in oil or water based mud and high drilling pressures.+MORE