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Corporate Culture
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First rule-Teams win! We recognize that performance is more than the collective sum of individual effort and is optimized through our work as a team. We respect and honor individual team members, and we will not tolerate slackers.

Second rule-realiable.we live in a age all the information and resource are shared and avaliable easily .In the such condition,realiable is play a very significant role in the all kinds of commerical trade.The faith of realiable has been growth in the heart of  every mumbers of MP employees.Realiable ,be our eternal pursue,the source of power.we  treat every customer in a honest and passionate  way.

Third rule-win-win.we always  insist the "win-win“principle.we do believe the customer and us have same goal,same interests,we share ideals,we exchange opinion,make advice,make change,create fortune in both  economic effect and ideologicl evolve.we admire and expect  the way we live and create our life.