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Beside build the mud pump,MP is in a good position to assistant client and supply all service which enable the clients
 to get more benefit and to seek more business opportunities in the market. The service promise,you will see and 
believe MP is professional and reliable.
And in other hand,we must develop technologies,updating knowledge ,innovate ourselves to reach  a higher level and
 the better service for client we can support.we committed ourselves as a excellent example in the field,in this market.
Service orientation:  
All is for the clients ,From the design, we will do every step carefully to satisfy clients to the best,we make every step 
manageable,controllable,transparency for the client to eliminate the inevitable confusion and unnecessary worries. 
1. Pre-sale services:
Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to get perfect returns on their investments.
(1) help the client to Select the most appropriate product as their request.
(2) Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement;
(3) we could supply training for the technical personal if the client requires.
2. Services during the sale;
Keep coordination with client, enhance efficiency in the delivery terms.
(1) keep double pre-check before the product delivery.
(2)accept shifty of delivery term ,its will be follow your schedule.
3. After-sales service:
Provide technical support and maintenance service for the client.
we can supply the instruction book for the product if the client request.
(1)Instruct t the client finish the first operation testing work.
(2) help to install and debug the equipment;
(3) direct examine the equipment regularly;
(4 Provide technical exchanging;
(5) assistant subsequent maintenance for the equipment.