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MP SUPERB series mud pumps are developed to offer superior performance for a variety of drilling operations and work environments. MP offers a full line of triplex high pressure mud pumps to handle any drilling requirements. The SUPERB series mud pumps are characterized by its compact-sized, light weight, small footprint, durability, effectiveness and energy-efficiency. SUPERB mud pumps can be assembled using a variety of expendable fluid ends, which can be easily purchased based on customer requirements

    Product Name:Mud Pump Suction and Discharge Manifold

    Product Instruction:mud pump suction and discharge manifold,API mud pump suction and discharge manifold.+MORE

    Product Name:Push Type Gas Bag

    Product Instruction:The air bag of the disc push clutch is the main drive assembly for oil drilling. It adopt the oil and aging and acid alkaline resistant special rubber and high quality thick cloth and is made according to the requirement of special process. +MORE

    Product Name:Pulsation Dampeners Assy

    Product Instruction:Air bag assembly is a part of mud pump, used as pressure balance on mud pump, the max pressure is 5000psi. It is forged by high quality alloy steel 35CrMo or 40CrMnMo, which holding high machinery performance and spraying technology.We can manufacture it used on almost all types of mud pumps or customize in accordance with your request. +MORE

    Product Name:Pneumatic Tube Clutch

    Product Instruction:Air tube clutch is a friction clutch that uses compressed air as manipulating power source. Generally, this products used on devices needs large torque transfer and more rapid transmission, such as drilling machinery, watercraft, large mechanical press machine, excavator, ball mill, rubber machinery etc.+MORE

    Product Name:piston rubber&valve rubber

    Product Instruction:The piston rubber and valve rubber are the mainly spare part of mud pump fluid end system,in the meantime,it is one of the use of the largest wearing parts.+MORE

    Product Name:zirconia liner

    Product Instruction:The material of ceramic liners is the increased flexible zirconium.These liners feature wear resistance,high anti-corrosion,high temperature resistance,high pressure,high intensity and high hardness.+MORE

    Product Name:PU Piston Seals

    Product Instruction:Piston U-Cups are single acting polyurethane (PU) piston seals available in a wide range of sizes. Cups are assembled into closed grooves and mainly used in light duty cylinder applications for oilfield equipment.+MORE

    Product Name:PTFE Piston Cup

    Product Instruction:This PTFE piston rings are widely utilized into oil-free air compressors. Most of rings are made of self-lubricating materials such as virgin PTFE and filled PTFE compounds like carbon filled PTFE and graphite filled PTFE,etc. All above grades are available as well as custom made as customer’s requests are available. +MORE

    Product Name:JA-3 Shear Safety Valve

    Product Instruction:Shear pin safety valve is used at the discharge part of the mud pump.JA-3 shear pin safety valve changes the discharging pressure by changing the position of the shear pin ,which is operation easy and work reliable.+MORE

    Product Name:Casing Scraper

    Product Instruction:Casing Scraper is used to clean cement, mud, embedded bullets, rust, mill scale, paraffin, perforation burrs and other substances from the inside walls of casing. +MORE