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High Chrome Sleeve Liner
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high chrome sleeve liner

MP made  tripelx  mud pump high chrome sleeved liners  combine the strength of a forged steel outer shell with the 

abrasion and corrosion resistance of a high chromium iron inner sleeve. These liners feature a centrifugally cast high

 chrome iron sleeve which is machined and heat treated to a minimum uniform bore hardness of 62 RC. Each liner is

 machined to close tolerances to assure ease of installation and long liner life with the inside diameter of these premium

 liners honed to a mirror-like finish for smooth even wear during the life of the liner. MP remium liners are made for 

superior performance under tough corrosive and abrasive conditions.


 1. Extended run times

2. Harder wear surface than chrome iron liners

3. Smoother surface finish for reduced friction and heat

4. Corrosion resistant - impervious to chemical attack

5. Alloy steel hull material for increased strength and fatigue resistance

6. Alumina oxide ceramic one of hardest known ceramic materials

7. Improved safety through reduced risk exposure

We supply both ceramic and bimetal liner for Emsco, Gardner Denver, National, Oil well, Continental, 

Ideco, and China 3NB mud pump spare parts