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Mud Pump Power End Parts
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Mud pump Crankshaft

Mud pump Crankshaft

1.The crankshaft is made of cast alloy steel and furnished with herringbone gear, connecting rod and bearing. The tooth form of the big geared ring is herringbone gear. The gear bore and the crankshaft surface are interference fitted and they are both fastened with bolts and lock nuts. The big end of the connecting rod is mounted on three eccentric straps of the crankshaft through single row short cylindrical roller bearings and the small end on the crosshead pin through double row long cylindrical roller bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearings are mounted at both ends of the crankshaft. 

2.As a safety component and major transmission part of mud pump, the crankshaft must possess enough stiffness and fatigue strength in order to guarantee reliable working. Given this, our triplex piston pump crankshaft is meticulously crafted
according to ABS or BV standard, and it is available in different models to suit for a wide range of Fseries mud pumps.

1. Our crankshaft could be manufactured from different materials as per customer's needs.
Generally speaking, 35CrMo and Q345B are often adopted by F700, F1300 and F1600, while
F2000 and F2200 are usually made from 35CrMo.
2. This power end pump part is inherently balanced so as to reduce pressure applied on the
bearing and power frame. In this way, the pump power end has a prolonged service life, whilst its
maintenance cost and therefore its total operation cost is also cut down. In addition, our product
realizes static balance during use, thus leading to low noise level and little vibration.
3. For every crankshaft, its body is constructed from forged high-strength 4130 alloy steel, and its
eccentric crescents and gear flanges are produced by our well-skilled front-line workers to ensure
the finest quality available.
4. Thanks to our unique design, the fabrication points are away from high-stress areas. As a result,
the force applied on our crankshaft is reduced, thus lowering the potential of fatigue cracking.
5. After welding process, comprehensive heat treatment is utilized for the purpose of stress relief
and durability improvement. Then, precise machining is carried out, and finally, stringent tests are
conducted to make sure that our crankshaft meets the requirements of dimensional tolerance and
other specifications. In addition, during the production process, a series of NDT, including
ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle inspection, is adopted to examine the quality of weld joint
and work piece.

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