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Zirconia Liner
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zirconia liner

Zirconia Ceramic liner


* Suitable for deeper oil reservoir,bad drilling geological structure environment,offshore oil and gas development.



*Service time is 5-10 times than bi-metal liners.The using time of liners are 4000 hours,minimum time are 3000 hours.

 *The material of ceramic liners is the increased flexible zirconium.These liners feature wear resistance,high anti-corrosion

high temperature resistance,high pressure,high intensity and high hardness.


*Reduced the freight cost,maintenance cost,labor cost and storage cost of oil drilling.

 *Zirconium ceramic liners have better performance than alumina ceramic liners such as more toughness,longer service life

saving water lubrication,reducing wear of piston.

Difference between bimetal liner and ceramic liner


Bimetal liner

Ceramic liner


Outer surface: 45# round steel

Inner sleeve: high chrome 


Outer surface: 45# round steel

Inner sleeve: Zirconium


Service cycle

Service life: up to 800hours


4000~10000 hours



 $190---$300  $750--$980

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