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Gas Charged Dampener Drilling

This manual describes operating practices and maintenance procedures applicable to PD20-5000 series pulsation dampeners manufactured by Performance Pulsation Control, Inc. The information contained herein reflects recommendations based on industry best practices and recognized safety protocols. This manual is not a standards document. Use of the information and procedures contained in this manual is voluntary and is to be implemented at the sole discretion and risk of the user.
Performance Pulsation Control, Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, pertaining to the accuracy, completeness, or efficacy of recommendations presented in this manual. The user is at all times responsible for operating and maintaining PD20 pulsation dampeners in a manner that is safe, conforms to the owner’s established business practices, and is in conformance with applicable regulations.
If at any time the user is unable to understand the recommendations made in this manual or is unable to follow those recommendations, they should consult with Performance Pulsation Control, Inc. at the address, telephone number and fax numbers listed in the footer of this manual.