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MABT Multiple Activation Bypass Tools

MABT Multiple Activation Bypass Tools
introduces the  MABT Multiple Activation Bypass Tools for drilling, completion, workover and thru-tubing operations. 
Originally developed to enable the aggressive pumping of LCM materials and to increase circulation rates for enhanced hole cleaning, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling, completion, and workover phases of a well such as:
Pumping all types of LCM pills, including aggressive pills and cement squeezes 
Increasing circulation rates for improved hole cleaning resulting in reduced torque and drag, thereby increasing ROP 
Increasing annular velocity in highly deviated and horizontal wellbores where removal of cutting beds and hole cleaning are problematic 
Fluid displacements 
Sub-sea riser/BOP jetting 
Acidizing and stimulation treatments 
Coring applications
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