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Pulsation Dampener Instruction
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Pulsation Dampener

 The integral forged air dome is an important and vital
equipment in the process of exploitation and transportation of the
petroleum.And it is widely applied in the high pressure pipelines in
the process of exploitation and transportation of the petroleum. Air
domes can relieve the super high pressure in the process of the
exploitation of the petroleum and the medium pressure peak of the
high pressure pipelines in the process of transportation of the
petroleum.In this way ,it can stabilize pressure ,ensure the normal

performance and guarantee the safety property.

The product adopts the special integral forging technology and
integral machine-shaping technology of our factory’s integral
forged air dome equipments.This structure makes the air domes’
endocoele form an evenly spherical and smooth surface ,not only
avoiding the serial problems caused by welding technology and
forging technology ,but also improving the property ,especially the
safety and reliability property and increasing the life span of the
integral forged air domes. Therefore , the integral forged air domes
have the advantages of simple structure, long life-span and safe and
reliable property.
The Main Property Index
1、 Hallow sphere property index conforms to NB/T47008
2、 Flow detection:conforms to NB/T47013 standard.
3、 Total weight:1000kg。
4、 Rated capacity:20 GAL。
5、 Pressure-resistance index: rated hydraulic working pressure
35MPa(5000Psi) , the highest testing pressure
6、 Nitrogen testing pressure 10.3MPa(1500Psi)。

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