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API licensed mud pump
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F-500 Mud Pump Package Technical Agreement

F-500 Mud Pump Package Technical Agreement

1. According to API 7K

2. Air Clutch Transmission

3. Equipt with CAT 18

4. Qty2 sets

一、Technical data of pump

-Mud Pump Type:   Triplex Single Acting

-Rated Power:      500 HP/373 KW

-Max. Stroke:      165 SPM

-Liner Stroke:      7 1/2 in/190 mm

-Gear Ratio:        4.286:1

-Suction Inlet:      8 in/203 mm

-Discharge Inlet:    4 in Flange 5000 psi

-Gear Type:        Herringbone

-Lubrication;       Forced&Splash

-Valve Pot:          API-5#

-Overall Size:       

 Length:       114 in/3658mm   

 Width:        106 3/8 in/2702 mm

 Height:       86 7/8 in/2207 mm

-Weight(approx.):   9770 kg/21540 pound

Technical Featurs

A. Max. liner and piston size : 6 3/4" (170 mm )

B. Stroke lengh: 7 1/2" ( 190 mm )

C. Pressure:      3945 PSI/27.2 Mpa at 4"(100mm) liner and 165 SPM

D. Max. Flow:    565 GPM/36.67 L/S at 165SPM with 6 3/4" (170 mm ) liner

E. Liner Size:    Inch: 6 3/4", 6 1/4", 6", 5 1/2", 5", 4 3/4", 4 1/4", 4"

F. Cast crank shaft

G. Forged and heat treated alloy steel gears with 4.286 : 1 ratio,

    pinion shaft extended at both side.

H. Anti friction rollar bearing throughout

I . Three piece interchangable valve box, individually upset force and internally hardened rated for 3945psi/27.2Mpa max. discharge pressure.

J.  API standard 5 valve, seats, liners, 6" piston and piston rod.(The pump will equipt with 6liner)

K. Quick change valve and valve covers

L. Metal to Metal liner lock system.

M Removable and reversable cross head and guides

N  High strength steel fabricated and stress relief power end.

O  Power end lubrication system adopts splash and forced lubrication:internal gear pump/external centrifugal pump driven by 1.5 KW,380 volt,50 Hz exploration proof electrical motor.

P. Cetral lubrication manifold with steel tubing for feeding all main, eccentric and pinion bearings, pressurised lubrication for lower crosshead slide and longer cross head life .


The following equipments should be assemble with basic mud pump on heavy duty oilfield skid with tail roll, pump skid, gear box, pedastal and clutch skid etc. to be placed on master skid. The skid arrangement ( space ) for placement of mud pump , gear box , clutch and diese engine as per the skid orientation ( sketch attached ) as


1 Spray pump ( liner wash pump )complete with necessary inlet and outlet lines

    2.2 kw,380V,50Hz

2 Pulsation dampener KB-40 type complete with flange, pulsation dampner rubber,

   pressure gauge etc.

3 Pressure gauge:40Mpa

4 Safety valve : JA-3 with necessary safety pins

5.Discharge manifold with 4" API 5000 psi flange connection,

   one end blind flange.

6 Centrifugal pump 3 1/2×4 Charging pump independent drive by electric motor of

   18 kw, 380V, 50Hz and the Flow rate: 120 m3/h; Head: 12m;

7 Clutch  600×125 or equivalent

8 Cardan shaft DH-780

9 One speed gear box: FBT 580

10 Int suction manifold with 8" ASA 150 lb. flange connection.

11 Skid colour black / gray and pump and other equipments colors green.


Documents & Other Requirements:


11 set of Operation&Maintenance Manual

2Hydrostatic test report

3Certificate of quality

4Certificate of API-7K

5Duly fixed name plate on equipments showing brief specification of equipment and Performance chart.



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